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Get Your Existing Mutual Funds Portfolio Reviewed by our Experts

Upload your current Mutual Fund Portfolio for REVIEW by our team so as to achieve best returns on the funds invested.

Mutual Funds

The team makes comparisons amongst the various Mutual Funds in India and suggests as needed.

The biggest advantage of investing through a mutual fund is that it gives small investors access to professionally-managed, diversified portfolios of equities, bonds and other securities, which would be otherwise quite difficult to create with a small amount of capital.

When you purchase units of a mutual fund, you’re pooling your money with other investors and letting the mutual fund (which is simply a professional money management company) invest and manage the money to help meet the fund’s specified investment goal (e.g., growth, income, or a combination of the two). As they are professionally managed and offer diversification, they are suitable for most of the investors.

The team at PA Wealth Advisors conducts indepth analysis of various mutual fund schemes and provides advice on investing in single fund or a basket of funds developing a suitable portfolio.

The analysis includes

  • NAV Analysis
  • Risks involved
  • Expense Ratio
  • Performance over a considerable period of time
  • Investment objectives as indicated by the prospective investor

There are many benefits of investing in mutual funds, stating below a few of them:

  • Portfolio Diversification
  • Professional Management
  • Reduction / Diversification of risk
  • Reduction of transaction costs
  • Liquidity/Ease in redemption
  • Convenience & Flexibility – shifting of funds from one to scheme to the other
  • Affordability - Each unit holder gets an exposure to such portfolios with an investment as modest as Rs.500/-
  • Tailor made portfolios
  • Best suited for conservative investors and new investors

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